Health Claims Forum Membership

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If your Company is already registered, please complete the registration page with your personal details and a username and password will be forwarded to you. The registration page can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Join Us’ button.

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Membership of the Forum will allow you full access to our website which provides:
  • Helpful information on the handling of claims,
  • Details of forthcoming forum days
  • Access to past forum presentations
  • Information on industry developments
  • Details of service providers available to help with claims handling
  • Recruitment opportunities
  • Claims Diploma guidance

There are 3 types of membership, full, associate and overseas membership.

1. Full Membership is restricted to UK and Irish insurers, friendly societies and reinsurers in the field of Income Protection Insurance, Waiver of Premium Disability Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Total Permanent Disability Insurance and Life Assurance. Full membership may be extended to Third Party Administrators actively managing business or providing assessment services on behalf of an insurer, friendly society or reinsurer to the satisfaction of the Forum committee.

2. Associate Membership
will be restricted to those organisations that provide services to the full members including but not limited to:

  • Claims Visitors
  • Private Investigators;
  • Legal Services;
  • Medical Services;
  • Employment Consultants;
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists;
  • Financial Ombudsman Service.

Associate members are able to access the Health Claims Forum website but cannot stand on the committee, will not have voting rights and attendance at forum meetings cannot be guaranteed and is at the discretion of the committee.

3. Overseas Membership is restricted to assessors, third party administrators or service providers who are based overseas (outside UK and Ireland). Overseas members are able to access the Health Claims Forum website but will not have voting rights or access to Forum meetings unless by the express agreement of the committee.

Company Registration

To access the members area of our website your Company needs to be a registered member and have paid the applicable annual subscription fee. If your Company is not registered, or if you have any queries regarding registration, please contact our Membership Officer (

Please provide the following details:
– Your Company name
– Contact information for a company representative (email, telephone number, address and job title)
– The category of membership required
– A brief outline of the services provided by your company and how this relates to the management of life, health and disability claims.

Please note – if you are applying for associate membership a full member firm must support the application. Please provide the name of an appropriate referee and recommendations in support of your application where appropriate.